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A criminal record can hold you back from moving into a new apartment, getting a job, or going back to school. That means, your future may rely on a record expungement or sealing. If you need an expungement lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, you can rely on Hart Law.

Attorney Reid Hart believes that criminal record expungements bring the justice system full circle. It's the last step in moving on with your life after having paid your dues to society. That's why he advocates aggressively for his clients. Speak with attorney Hart now by calling us.

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Do You Need an Expungement or Sealing?

There are two ways to make your past legal discretions private. A criminal record expungement involves having a charge fully removed from your record. Sealing your record, on the other hand, means that charges on your record will be placed under government protection and only accessible to the criminal justice system.

Whether a charge can be sealed or expunged depends on the category and severity of the crime. Ask our expungement lawyer in Jacksonville, FL if your record can be made private now.