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Domestic Violence Attorney in Jacksonville, Florida

Did a Domestic Dispute Result in Criminal Charges? Ready to Build a Defense?

Domestic violence crimes are defined as any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death to a family or household member. This could include assault, sexual assault, stalking, and kidnapping. Florida courts take these charges very seriously, meaning a conviction could result in fines and prison time.

Hart Law can provide you with a seasoned domestic violence attorney in Jacksonville, FL. Our lead attorney, Reid M. Hart, works tirelessly for every client - even those who are accused of violent crimes. When it feels like no one is on your side, attorney Hart is in your corner.

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A Conviction Could Change Your Life

Having a domestic violence offense on your record can seriously impact your life. That's why hiring the right domestic violence attorney is so important.

A conviction could impact the future:

  • Job searches

  • Relationships

  • Legal matters

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